New Affordable Super Large aperture Dielectric binoviewers $999 

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(Double Self Centering Diopters for BW, Denk and AP $299) Take a Look Here

Self Centering eyepiece holders for Burgess/Orion/other binoviewers Pair $49.

Collimation/cleaning services for binoviewers: TV, Baader ,$149-- Denk, BW and most other brands .

Professional Collimation/cleaning services for standard binoculars. $75 Advanced binoculars $100

Brass eyepieces And Barlows options for Brass telescopes. (See All ads)







  Astrotech and Williams Optics services. Starting at $49


Focuser Cleaning and repairs on the Astrotech and Williams Optics 66mm and 80mm refractors. If your refractor has Focuser problems Email me the nature of your problem and we will advise. A lot of problems with these focusers are no more then a cleaning, Lubrication and an a realignment.










































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